Water Vapour Electric Fireplaces

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Water vapor electric fireplace with a completely Italian design and idealization: high quality materials

These fireplaces designed by Viadurinimilano Fire Design use a refined and exclusive technology that allows a flame effect of incredible realism.

Operation is simple. The three-dimensional effect is created by ultrasound to create a very fine nebulization of the water that is illuminated to create the "flames and smoke" effect. This aspect, combined with fake wood and a bright and sparkling ash bed, produces an effect that exceeds all expectations of realism in an electric fire.

Most of the electric water fireplaces in the collection can be controlled with a handy remote control that allows you to manage the fire and smoke effect and also the useful heating function. These fireplaces in fact combine the charm of the flame effect, the advantage of being able to have a comfortable immediate and economical heat.

They guarantee low consumption thanks to the level of technical efficiency achieved.

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