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Religious paintings and panels with sacred motifs made in Italy. 

This part of our site is dedicated to religious paintings.
Usually placed in the bedroom in the wall above the head of the bed are also perfect for other rooms in the house.
Their modern and simple style makes them adaptable to any style of furniture.

The main representations are the sacred family in stylized style made with laser cutting, the Madonna with the child enclosed in a heart or reproductions of famous paintings like creation. In addition our sacred paintings are made with laser cut on MDF wood or with raised shapes. They are certified 100% Made in Italy by a certification body, which verifies that all operations in the supply chain are actually carried out in Italy: each step, from design to finish, is carried out by qualified and Italian personnel.

Discover the entire collection online and choose the painting that most attracts your attention. For any information or question, write or contact our Help Desk.