Massagge and Riser Recliner Armchairs

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Reclining and massaging lift armchairs to enjoy every moment of relaxation, comfortable and ideal for the elderly and disabled.

modern and innovative style to decorate your living room with designer furniture but without forgetting comfort and practicality.

2 motors armchair with integrated shiatsu massage. About the cover you can choose between leathereco-leather or fabric in the colors you want.
Let yourself be seduced by the "Yara" rocking chair and treat yourself to a relaxing massage.
But not only recliner chairs to give you a moment of true relaxation in maximum comfort simply pushing a button as for the "Florence" and "Verona" armchairs.
And for those who have difficulty walking the comfortable raiser armchairs in fabric or eco-leather. All made with the best materials made in Italy.

Write us in the dedicated chat or write us an email to get a personalized quote and to know the various customizations in terms of colors, fabrics and finishes.