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Viadurinimilano Decor is a collection that includes a wide range of objects with a unique design to furnish the environments in which we live with originality.

Each piece of furniture in this collection is characterized by a continuous search for quality materials, shapes and colors with particular attention to furnishing trends.

The collection contains products made exclusively by hand and presents a complete proposal of furnishing accessories that can harmonize with any type of furniture, from classic to modern, from ethnic to minimalist, with the quality of Made in Italy.

The innovative interior design solutions of Viadurinimilano Decor are aimed at those who want to furnish their home with style, adding unique pieces that can tell the taste and personality of those who live there.

Classic and modern paintings to give your walls a touch of style, vintage-style mirrors with golden frames for those who love classic furnishings, but also mirrors with particular shapes such as a leaf or a pair of sunglasses for those who do not want give up originality. But the proposals do not end here, wall clocks with different shapes and the possibility of synchronizing different time zones, perfect for the walls of the living room or kitchen. Modern wall hangers with original shapes, from abstract shapes to those of a flower or a tree, you can choose the hanger that best suits the decor of your entrance. Finally, wall bookcases to organize your books in the living room or bedroom.

All these products are designed according to the space, taste and needs of those who live in the house.

Absolute compositional balance of the forms, which are born from the absolute quality of the craftsmanship that carry the invaluable value of manual labor.

So in this section you will find real works of art made in Italy, decorated and embellished with great skill, capable of captivating those who observe them and making the environments in which they are positioned special and unique. 

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