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The light sources inside a house are very important to create the right harmony and to make every room bright.

Inside the Viadurinimilano Lighting  you will find some ideas with a unique and inimitable style for the lighting of your living room or bedroom.

Majestic suspension chandeliers made of white, transparent or black methacrylate in a classic style for those who love royalty and choose a retro decor for their living room. These wonderful chandeliers are available from 8 to 13 lights and according to your tastes and needs made either with lights that reproduce candles or in the version with bulbs that resemble small lamps.

For those who love a more contemporary style among our proposals for suspension lamps there are two-tone lamps in painted steel with customizable color. Thanks to its half-moon shape, it ensures that the light is spread evenly.

Nice and colorful table lamps made entirely in Italy in beech wood and ceramic to buy a modern lamp with a special design. For those who, on the contrary, prefer to stay on a more classic furnishing style, there are table lamps made of crystal and glass in the collection which give a chic and elegant touch to the rooms in which they are positioned.

Finally, for those who prefer wall light sources, the Viadurinimilano Lighting collection includes modern design wall lights made of steel and brass to give an industrial touch to the style of your bedroom. In addition, among the proposed wall lamps there are also wall lamps suitable for your outdoor spaces made of aluminum that recall lanterns for their shape.

Light up your home with the best of Italian design selected exclusively for you by our staff. 

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