Italian Design in Viadurinimilano Living Furniture

Viadurinimilano Living offers over 5,000 products, selected exclusively for you by our staff, with infinite variations regarding size, color, material and finishes. Exclusive furnishing items for your living room, your dining room and the living area.

Among our proposals you can find extendable and fixed tables, design chairs in leather or fabric, consoles tables for those who want to make the most of all the spaces in their home, but not only comfortable and special sofas that can be transformed into beds if necessary. vintage and modern style armchairs and desks to furnish your study or your living room with a touch of Italian style.

Objects all characterized by an attractive style and quality materials: both essential elements to join the Viadurinimilano Living team.

In Italy we are able to create wonderful high quality objects and our mission on the web as Viadurinimilano is precisely this, to bring these splendid Italian products all over the world!

Viadurinimilano is constantly researching and selecting new ideas and personalized products to propose with our BRAND to be sold exclusively online.

We do this by selecting the best design companies made in Italy and supporting them to reach customers passionate about design all over the world.

We continually select new partners: we are mainly looking for designers, young and creative companies.

Viadurinimilano Living is the brand with which we offer the best objects and furnishing accessories for the living area of the house, the field par excellence of Italian creativity and manufacturing. 

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